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Conflict – Free Mineral Management Policy

The Scope of management is gold and silver & 34;managed mineral& 34; . 2. Management system and responsibility We appoint the Promotion Manager in charge of promotion of non-use of conflict mineral. We also appoint the Compliance Manager in charge of promotion of compliance who provides guidance and direction about promotion of non-use of conflict

Grievance and conflict in Ghana& 39;s gold mining industry

Ghana has been plagued by a history of conflict in its gold mining communities particularly clashes between artisanal and small-scale groups and multinational companies . Conflict between these parties has over the past two decades escalated becoming a defining feature of the country& 39;s gold mining industry.

Conflict Minerals Sourcing Policy - Stars Micro

supply chain officer to implement the conflict mineral management system. 2. Avoidance of tantalum tin tungsten and gold originating from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas Stars Microelectronics Thailand Public company Limited define tantalum tin tungsten and gold originating from the Democratic

Due Diligence Guidance: towards conflict-free mineral

gold support peace and development not conflict. This includes a number of steps to put in place strong systems of control over the supply chain pass vital information to buyers and to the governments and regional institutions that regulate the mineral trade assess conflict conditions at mine sites transportation routes and points

LG Electronics Conflict Minerals Due Diligence Report

or cobalt and then provide the target part / supplier list for surveying conflict mineral or cobalt information in LGE’s Conflict Minerals Management System CMMS . Supplier 3TG information is collected using the industry standard for data exchange to identify smelters and refiners in LGE’s supply chain i.e. the RMI’s conflict minerals

Tracing conflict gold in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Artisanal gold miners in the Democratic Republic of the Congo use their hands and crude tools to find and extract gold. They get paid only when they find the mineral.

What are conflict minerals?

The SEC rules define conflict minerals as 3TG metals wherever extracted. For example tin extracted in Canada Russia or Argentina is considered a conflict mineral by definition. In the SEC rule “DRC conflict-free” is defined as minerals that were extracted and did not directly or indirectly benefit armed groups in the covered countries.

PDF Conflict minerals 3TG : Mining production

These mined conflict minerals known as 3TGs from their initials are cassiterite for tin wolframite for tungsten coltan for tantalum and gold ore or any other mineral or its derivatives


SUPPY CHAIN MANAGEMENT OF CONFLICT MINERALS: OF THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO tungsten and their mineral ores the 3Ts and gold. 4.1 The Due Diligence Guidance for Conflict 3Ts

Declaration of Minerals Conflict-Free - ISSI

mineral trading in the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC or an adjoining country. “Conflict Minerals& 34; are metals such as gold Au tantalum Ta tungsten W and tin Sn derived from minerals being sourced from mines in Democratic Republic of Congo DRC or an

Conflict Minerals Policy - Corning Inc.

Conflict minerals refer to the mineral precursors of the metals tantalum tin tungsten and gold 3TG which are found in small amounts in virtually all electronic products. Revenue from mining these minerals in the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC and nine neighboring countries has been linked to funding for groups engaged in extreme

Conflict Minerals Regulation explained - Trade - European

On 1 January 2021 a new law will come into full force across the EU – the Conflict Minerals Regulation. It aims to help stem the trade in four minerals – tin tantalum tungsten and gold - which sometimes finance armed conflict or are mined using forced labour.

Conflict Minerals - Suppliers - About Philips

Conflict minerals are minerals mined in conditions where armed conflict and human rights abuses occur. The term is typically to refer to four minerals – tungsten tantalum tin and gold also known as 3TG – that are mined in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo DRC .


management team’s efforts were provided to the Audit Committee of the Company. Conflict Mineral coordinators are members of the CFSI working teams that continue to encourage smelters to participate in the CFSP. To that end the Company approaches through direct CONFLICT GOLD

Conflict Mineral Management Policy -

high-risk gold bearing material procurement an procuremend will avoid thet ofthese conflict minerals. ・ Evaluation of gold bearing materials and suppliers We will assess the risk of gold bearing mars unterials andder our conf supplielict mineral management system and immediately suspend trading in the event gold bearing materi als are